Crew of DUO USA

Crew of DUO USA

We are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Jennifer Lee

General Manager & Couple Manager

In 1999, DUO USA opened in Los Angeles and was seeking a couple manager. When I first saw the job advertisement, I was reminded of my participation in a program called ‘The Studio of Love’ when I was in college in Korea.

I confidently submitted my resume and was hired as a couple manager at DUO USA. While I was happy to be employed, I was somehow hesitant at first due to a sense of profound responsibility; could I really help people find an ideal person to spend the rest of their lives with? However, my husband assured me that it would be a perfect job for me and was confident that I could make a positive difference. I have now been working happily at DUO USA for over 20 years.

Nowadays, 2nd generation Korean-American’s have been joining DUO USA in large numbers and more people get counseling for themselves than their parents did. Although almost 60% of the children of American- Koreans are married to non-Koreans, many Korean parents would like to have a Korean son or daughter in law. Also, there are many people who are looking for Korean spouses, but they are sometimes hard to find as many are so busy with their careers and businesses.

I think that this job fits me well and it is a privilege to help introduce quality people in the hopes that they are truly compatible and will marry. It is not always an easy job and it is always hard work. I think I found my calling and I am so fortunate to be a matchmaker and to see so many couples getting married.

I LOVE marathons and I run competitions in New York, Chicago, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Canada and more! I wake up at 4:30 am every morning, do an hour of yoga, commute to work, read books, and write a column of marriage stories that result from DUO USA. I am very grateful to work for DUO USA and as long as I’m healthy, I will put all my effort into DUO USA and promise that I will try as hard as I can to find the best partner for all DUO USA members in the future. Thank you, DUO USA and thank you to all of our members!

Kay Kim

PR & Marketing Manager

I worked at the Westin Hotel for many years in the customer relationship, public relations and marketing departments. I am now very happy to combine that experience with my passions and to be a proud part of DUO USA along with our members.

The timing of marriage is almost as important as the person that one will marry and few things in life are as important as choosing a spouse. It is important to be happy in whatever you do in life, but it is critical to have the right person to share that happiness with. A marriage is the beginning of a new community. Marriage is a way of blessing love and enriching a life.

DUO USA helps Korean and Korean-American people when they decide the time is right for marriage. DUO USA is a wonderful place where a person can meet his or her ideal person. What an important mission we have! DUO USA’s staff care very much for our members and how to help those members with one of the most important decision that they will be making in life.

I start my day with morning prayers of gratitude for my life and for my family and friends. I am very active in my church and community. I am married and have a young daughter and it gives me genuine satisfaction and joy to be a part of DUO USA and their mission to help peple find the happiness in marriage that I have found.

Carol Ohm

Couple Manager

Hello our candidates! I’m originally from LA. I am Korean American like most of you. I’ve been around Korean and I know how it is to be in a Korean family.

We all are here to build your own family as well. In hope of finding your lifetime partner… Welcome to finding experts like our agency.

People always asked for my honest opinion. For fashion/ beauty, etc. If you are asking the same, I’m here to help.

I like to give advice from fashion to beauty. Also if I do meet you in person, I can catch your bad habits and give you some advice to make corrections. I can be your dating coach and give your lists of first time meeting advices.

I’ve met soo many people from almost all over the world. Diverse. I love to travel and learn the culture, and people from different background In the end, we are all same human being. We breathe oxygen, air, and we always need water. We need LOVE (the most important) to fulfill and make us keep moving and living. We need to create our own family. We keep that heartbeat racing!! I would love to help you to find that missing part of your life. I will try my best in search for your match.

I like to focus in divorced much more because I believe they also deserve “the happiness”. Everyone has endless hope. Do not give up just because you have failed once. There is still hope for you. And this is the place to find your love of your life.

I’ve been dating here and there for myself from online since I don’t have any offline resources and if offline, I still approach to men positively w/ confidence. Men and ladies! Its all about confidence if you are one of my members under my listing, I can go from a-z about dating tips, image coordinating, meet you in person and visualize and have a sense of the reason why the most perfectionist “YOU” are still single!! Most people are looking for the MR/ MISS PERFECT for our partners and we believe that perfect becomes a “whole”. And fulfill the emptiness. Eh! Wrong! We are never too perfect, we need to be matched w/ somewhat opposites as well, and opposites do attract the opposites and quite get along w/ each other. “You” can support for each other and “grow” together.

What are your intentions to come to us? Do you have the willpower to find your true love? I will be honest, I can’t say that “I guarantee” I will try my best to find the one for you for however term you signed up w/ us. This is more difficult task than purchasing your first house… It is serious and biggest project of your life! You finished your education and you have your hardly earned income!! And what is missing in next chapter of your life? It is having your own family! It depends on us?? Of course I will be very proud if I was helpful and you did have success towards marriage through us. But I’m telling you, no one can be 100% satisfied. I can’t satisfy all of you if you just leave your “profile”/ data form to me and don’t even give your own effort to even willing to try to make this your last project to make it work!! It all depends on you. And my job is being a side assistant who gives you tips and resources to guide you being your true self and find “the only one” of your life. This is a huge master project of your life! Don’t just rely on me. You need to make this happen yourself.

Facts: I am busy searching for matches for almost 200 candidates each day. Honestly, I am not a robot and our computer system is very slow… I cannot go through all individuals on time but I will try my best to respond back to you asap when you need me. We both need patience and support each other and finalize this dream to come true!!

By this summer, I’m reaching my one year anniversary as a matchmaker. I love doing this because I can help people who are out there still struggling to find their own matches! I like what I’m doing it builds/brings out my creativity and psychology sense. I visualize (I’m a visual person). I sense (my five senses are pretty alert) better when I actually meet you in person. It’s very helpful and resourceful when it comes to finding your match. I’m not a psychic… although I wish I did lol Ever since kid, I loved playing puzzle. What I’m doing here, is a game of puzzle to me. Finding that missing piece of puzzle is my duty. Let us both cross our fingers and wish luck! 😉